The Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

Enjoy your golden years with the benefits you can obtain from a reverse mortgage.

Receive Funds

You can receive the funds in a lump-sum payment, monthly payments, as a line of credit or in a combination of these options

Stay In Your Home

You can stay in the home without making monthly mortgage payments

Protect Your Loved Ones

Your heirs are not personally liable if payoff balance exceeds home value

Tax Free

The loan proceeds are tax-free; however it is always best to consult your tax or financial professional.

Pay Your Bills

Financial freedom that lets you live the retirement you desire, pay off medical bills, make home improvements, or just free up some extra cash.

Improve Your Life

A reverse mortgage allows seniors to access the equity they’ve built up in their home.

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Sun Capital Mortgage is headquartered in Miami, FL. We focus on providing excellent customer service based on decades of experience, while finding the best lending solutions. We offer reasonable and flexible terms. We provide a dedicated mortgage specialist to work with you from application to closing, to ensure a smooth transaction and excellent execution, while providing a loan that meets your specific needs, even for the most complicated borrowers and situations.

At Sun Capital Mortgage, Reverse Mortgage Loans are all we do! By specializing, we can help you secure the mortgage that’s right for you from lenders approved by the Federal Housing Administration. H.E.C.M. Reverse Mortgage Loans are insured by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and lenders are bound by strict guidelines established by the FHA and HUD.

Provide for Yourself with a Reverse Mortgage Loan

A reverse mortgage allows seniors to access the equity they’ve built up in their home. If you are a homeowner 62 or older, you may qualify for a reverse mortgage to eliminate your current mortgage payments and receive extra cash. You almost have full control over how to use reverse mortgage proceeds. The mortgage is a non-recourse loan, meaning the borrower will never owe more than the home is worth.

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